Chef Alexandria

"The Queen of Gullah-Geechee & Creole fused cuisine"

The LE Meals™ kitchen is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Chef Alexandria. She is self-trained and has sharpened her skills to establish such a brand.


LE Meals™ is a beautiful fusion from both of Gullah-Geechee and Creole fused cuisine. Her father's side is from the heart of downtown New Orleans, Louisiana. Her mother is from the heart of Charleston, South Carolina where the Gullah-Geechee people privately reside.


Both cultures are distinct, unique and pay homage to authentic traditions that can not be found outside of either culture.


Welcome to a world of new flavors.

You are in for a ride my friend!

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#LEMeals loves giving back!

#LEMeals loves paving the way in our community!

Donations made go towards making Care Packages for the local homeless communities. These packages are handed out every Thursday! Visit our social media platforms to see how your generosity provides for many less fortunate in our area. 


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