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LE Meals™

Our Gullah-Geechee and Creole fused cuisine is the world's first-of-its-kind and we pride ourselves on "Organic Comfort Food. Gullah-Geechee embodies every West and Central African state. We inspire healthier living by connecting you to real food. We provide 100% food transparency and our ingredients are organic, grass-fed, wild caught, farm fresh, pesticide, soy, cage and GMO-free ingredients.


Gullah-Geechee people prepare from scratch, incorporate medicinal properties and target health and longevity. We are ritualistic and have thrived in privacy for decades. While Creole, blends French, African, Spanish and Native American. Both create a true representation of resilience, and collectively exemplify LE Meals™.

A business founded on survival, tradition and the desire to educate and heal the world, one palette at a time. 

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Banana Nana

Fresh banana pudding made completely from scratch with all organic ingredients. Gullah-Geechee style with a whole lotta' love. Freshly baked vanilla wafer cookies that melt in your mouth. Layered with a custard and fresh hand-whipped cream. Dusted with an organic cinnamon powder. Excludes banana slices. Served in a 5 oz. container.

Melanin Goddess

All organic, premium chocolate mousse made from scratch with layers of chocolate cookie chunks. Dusted with 100% Cocoa powder on top. Served in a 5 oz. container.

Key Lime East

A sweet Amelia Island, creamy tart custard made from scratch. With freshly squeezed key lime juice and a layer of freshly baked and crumbled, golden, buttery, graham cracker crust. Topped with a fluffy hand-whipped cream. Dusted with bright green key lime flakes. Served in a 5 oz. container.

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