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"Lee Live" Silent Auction

"Lee Live" Silent Auction

What if you were looking at one of our very first, loyal customers. Would you believe it? Well, it's true!
When the pandemic first hit and we opened as result. This sweet little girl rode her bike past our table and swung back around to purchase her first #MelaninGoddess with her allowance money. Every single day that followed she returned religiously to buy another, sometimes multiple and sometimes items for her parents or teachers too. She became such a regular, we knew what times to expect her peddling down the street to order more. Sweet Lake was even so proud to show us off on FT to one of her friends and spoke so highly about who we were and how much she enjoyed our food in her pink helmet.

At a point, Ms.Lake spent so much, her parents stopped by one day to ask us if we would take electronic forms of payment due to her big spending. As a result of her parents request, we went completely digital and opened up a platform that would accept all forms of payment to accomodate Ms. Lake and her parents.

So when we were asked if we would support Ms. Lake by donating to her elementary school. We absolutely had to show our appreciation for her efforts that helped LE Meals™ advance to where we are today.

Our two donations pictured here are (1) a vintage saddle from our historic #GullahGeecheeMuseum and (2) a historical painting by The Rembrandts "The Man with the Golden Helmet" for their silent auction. Specifically, the funds raised for #RussellLeeElemntary from "Lee Live" are critical to the success of all students to ensure a quality and safe educational experience by providing much needed supplies for virtual and at school environments. The funds raised also allow the school to have a full time Assistant Principal, Reading & Dyslexia and Math specialists, provide a food pantry for students and families experiencing food insecurities, extend professional learning opportunities to our teachers, and many other activities for Lee and the community.

March 06, 2021

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